Big Beard Co.


Founded in 2018, Big Beard Co. is an all natural and organic marijuana extract company. They specialize in top quality concentrates made from only the finest bud Southern California has to offer. Now based in Las Vegas NV, Big Beard Co. distributes and makes top notch concentrates, edibles, tinctures, and much more. Keep an eye out for the beard, you will be seeing it in dispensaries all across Southern California.  

You can learn more about them here:


Big Beard Co.




Logo Design

The main focal point of the logo is obviously the face, this is actually the face of the CEO. He is a big burly man that has a really Big Beard with a white streak through it. The client wanted something that was playful but also memorable. After I had approval on the logo face, I created the custom font to go along with it. They wanted something that would be able to be used on its own, something that would stand out but not overpower the main focal point of the logo. 


The Branding

After having the logo nailed down, I started working on the branding. Creating the envelope packaging first, I decided to use red as the main accent color of the brand. In reality, this color can be changed out for anything, but I just felt that red would make it stand out much more than other similar products and packaging. Keeping the brand simple, I decided to just use a random pattern on the background to give it a little more flare so that it wasn't so flat on a single color background