Nutshell Wifi


Nutshell WiFi helps turn businesses wifi into a marketing machine, on autopilot. Grow marketing lists, collect customer info, view real-time analytics, send promotions, increase customer loyalty and more. Easily design a landing page that is unique to your business, offer free wifi and collect customers data. Customers will connect via email, phone number, or social media profile. Send Automated Messages Grow your repeat business by sending automated email and SMS marketing messages that bring customers back.

You can find more information about Nutshell Wifi here:


Nutshell Wifi



The Logo & Branding

Going through a lot of different initial designs and names, they ended up liking Nutshell Wifi more than the other varying options. Although we didn't end up going with some of these, it was really fun exploring the different options. Ultimately they wanted to go with something more minimalistic, they wanted the brand to have a sort of mascot. Something that would be easily recognizable on its own and could be re-branded into smaller sub companies, since they planned on having multiple products under the same brand. 

The Final Logo Design

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