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Founded by Minnette Gallardo in 2012, Regal Resources "HR & Recruiting Innovators” provides superior service to help national and local companies save money, recruit quality candidates quickly while providing the best fit for the position. They are not a traditional staffing agency. Their team consists of successful Corporate Recruiters and Human Resources leaders who are focused on placing the right people for long term. There current retention rate is 100%. 


Regal Resources




Girls Inc. of Orange County

Girls Inc. of Orange County positively changes the lives of 4,000 girls, kindergarten to 18 years old, each year by providing year-round holistic, compensatory, and intentional programming focusing on STEM, financial literacy, sound body image, healthy relationships, and college and career readiness.

You can learn more about Girls Inc. of Orange County here: www.girlsinc-oc.org


Regal Resources Jobs Flyer

Typically Regal Resources is the one that is creating the flyers for companies looking to hire top tier candidates. But this time Regal were the ones that needed a flyer. Sticking with brand guidelines I created a simple yet playful corporate design for the new open rolls in H.R. and recruiting services. 

Learn more at: www.regalhrr.com


Farmhouse at Roger Gardens Jobs Flyer

Farmhouse's mission is to support local artisanal and boutique producers who are conscious of what goes into their products and how they are produced. From farmers and fisherman to wine and spirits makers, there food is created through the sourcing of only the best ingredients. Their simple, flavorful and creative dishes are not only inspired by the ingredients themselves, but the network of friends who supply them with the quality ingredients that Farmhouse is known for.

Learn more at: www.farmhouserg.com