The Real Partnership

Brand Identity


The Real Partnership was originally formed to capitalize on its technological breakthrough --- a touch-sensing technology that enables foot-traffic consumers to interact with digital displays through nearly any commercial storefront window without any infrastructure modification. With a 220+ client portfolio representing the world’s leading brands, The Real Partnership offers exclusive features and exposure that you cannot get anywhere else. Interactivity transforms a conventional storefront digital “billboard” into a powerful marketing platform. Customers passing by can now browse your available catalogs at anytime, even if you are closed. They also offer exclusive exposure on their custom designed magazine catalogs that are sent out to every customer and subscriber every month.  Wether it be a home that you are selling or commercial real estate, The Real Partnership can and will get you more exposure to a wider audience base.


The Real Partnership



The Logo Design

The logo design went in a few different directions, some simpler than others and some with a little more flare, ultimately we decided to go with something a little more simple. After we nailed down the logo, we created some patterns for flyers and other assets, as well as the rest of the branding. 

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