Shrimpin710 Branding


Shimpin' 710 is an organic cannabis and concentrate company based in the Coachella Valley. Founded by a group of chemists and scientists determined to find cleaner ways to consume cannabis, Shrimpin' 710 is one of the best cannabis concentrate company on the market. Their passion for cannabis inspired separation and purification of the plant material, which led to more purification and ultimately a perfect consumption experience. Their goal as a company is to create the best all natural organic concentrate that not only delivers a top notch high, but also a top notch experience. 





The Branding

I was asked to create a character that would be the center focal point of the brand. So I started sketching out some different types of shrimp to see what would work and what wouldn't. After some research and design variations, I came up with the final design of the shrimp. After I had the shrimp done, I added the elements that were requested by the client. All in all I think the design came out very clean and the overall branding matches the style that they were going for. 

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