Tail Gate Festival Poster


Tailgate Fest is the first country music festival that caters to the fans who show up hours before the concert to pop a top, drop a tailgate and turn the parking lot…or in our case, hundreds of acres of lush green grass… into the party. Tailgate Fest brings the stages outside to the tailgate. No packing up the party to head inside, no need to stop that game of cornhole, no need to stuff all your belongings in your pockets or grab sweaters and extras to last you the evening. Tailgating can continue throughout the whole festival as fans can watch their favorite performers from their personal party set ups at their vehicles. 

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Tail Gate Fest



1st Version of Design

The Poster Design

I was commissioned to create a poster for the Southern California Country Music Festal TailGate Fest. They wanted the design to be something that really exemplified tailgating. Something that showed how much of a good time it is just meeting up with some of your buds, drinking some cold brews, and listening to some good old country music. 

Final Revised Options

After several revision on the initial design, we ended up going with a more county feel. Dulling down the color scheme and playing around with the background we landed on a few varying design for the final poster. Overall was extremely fun to work on and personally I really love how it turned out. 

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