Finch Character Design


Finch is a subscription based active wear company that provides eco-friendly and sustainable apparel made from recycled water bottles and fishnets. They have a 4-way-stretch fabric and are feather soft. They are passionate about changing the industry for good and providing their customers with the highest quality sustainable fashion while educating them on the harmful effects of single use plastics and other non-biodegradable goods.​ Everything they do they strive to be 100% eco-friendly, even the shipping materials are from recycled materials or plant based materials, like corn, that can easily be decomposed.


You can find more information about Finch at:





Bottle Design

Finch was looking for something that they could use in multiple designs, a character that would be the sort of mascot of the company. It had to be simple enough to not overpower the main assets on designs and cool enough to match the overall feel of brand. Since Finch clothing is made from recycled materials, such as water bottles, we ended up going with a bottle shape. Initially, we started the design off in color, but ended up going with a more simple color scheme. As you can see we went through several rounds of revisions and designs, but ultimately went a simpler shape and design

1st Draft

Final Design

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