True Collar Construction


True Collar Construction is the Coachella Valleys newest premier construction company, they cater to all of your household or commercial needs. They do electrical work, plumbing, construction, and much more. If you live in or around the Coachella Valley and are looking for the newest and best company to work on your home or business, True Collar Construction is for you. 


True Collar Construction




The Logo & Branding

We wanted the logo and branding to be something simple yet eye catching, something that will look good on various shapes and colors. They knew that they wanted the hammer and bolt to be the main icons of the logo, but weren't entirely sure what style they wanted to go with. Doing some research into various logos and colors, I decided to build the style around vintage blue collar logos. These logo typically were simple in design and could be thrown on top of many different patterns and colors.


More Branding

After nailing down the final logo we started looking into the color schemes we could use. We ended up going with this orange color as the main accenting color for the brand, it not only helped make the overall branding pop, but this color is synonymous with construction. When you think construction orange is usually something that comes across your mind. After we had the logo and branding done, we moved onto the collateral which you can see below.

Business Cards Mockup.png
Business Cards Mockup2.png