Lobster Tail Box Packaging


In the "old days", fishermen referred to the white albacore tuna as “Chicken of the Sea.” It was called this because of the white color and very mild flavor reminded them of chicken. The founder of the company thought this would be a unique name for a brand of tuna, and thus Chicken of the Sea was born and is now a  recognized brand worldwide. Chicken of the Sea is an El Segundo, California-based provider of packaged seafood, formerly US-owned and now owned by the Thai Union Group in Samut SakhonThailand. The brand sells tunasalmonclamscrabshrimpmackereloysterskipper snacks, and sardines in cans, pouches, and cups under the brand names "Chicken of the Sea", "Genova", "Orion Sea Foods" and "Ace of Diamonds".


Chicken of the Sea



The Box Design

Trying to stay within the companies brand guidelines, I created this box design for Orion Seafood's Warm Water Raw Lobster Tails. I decided to not use any color on the box just texture, so that I did not draw any attention away from the main element of the design, the lobster. I also created various icons for this box as well as doing some photo editing and retouching. 

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