Stank Society


Stank Society is a clothing company that is based in Honolulu Hawaii. This is a clothing style brand that is all about attitude and confidence. The logo is meant to evoke the feeling of grunge, the feeling or face that you make when something is really nasty. Not nasty, like gross, but nasty like sick, cool, awesome, etc. They continue to grow and influence the apparel industry. 


Stank Society



Stank Society

Whether you are rocking the blue Stank hoodie or the white t-shirt, you will always be stylin'. The Stank Society branding is very much influenced by its main mark. The colors and patterns chosen are meant to exemplify the focus of the company. They want their style and branding to stand out against the rest, they want their brand to invoke that feeling of stoke you get after taking a big wave surfing. They want it to exemplify that feeling, the feeling that all adrenaline junkies chase. 

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